Baltimore Bocce League

Our Leagues Enjoy:

  • 7-8 Week Seasons Including Playoffs
  • Free Beer Parties
  • Equipment & Facilities Provided
  • League T-Shirts
  • Weekly post-game socializing and tomfoolery
  • Fun & Social Refs, Umpires & Administrators
  • Coors Light
  • Miller Lite

Spring Registration Now Open!

Bocce is a very easy game to learn and you can go from a beginner to an expert very quickly! It’s a very unique game in which everyone can play no matter their age, gender or athletic ability. Our goal is to create a friendly atmosphere where it’s easy for people to meet and have some fun!  Sign-up as team (5 to 12), small group or solo.

This league was created to give people a chance to try something new while meeting new people and having a great time doing it! Our games are on week nights starting from 6:30 to 7 pm depending on location. After the games we enjoy dinner and drink specials at our sponsor bars.

Key Dates

Feb 13th: Early Bird Ends (Prices go up)
April 7th: (11:59pm) : All Registration Closes 
Week of April 13th: All Leagues Play Begins

Players Have 3 Great Ways to Get in on the Action

  • Register as a Team (5-12 players): One person will create a team as the team captain. The captain will have the option to either pay for the entire team or have each player pay indiviually. The remaining players will register for and join the team that the captain established. The captain will be responsible for setting the group name, number of players on the team and picking a team shirt color. 
  • Register as a Small Group (2-4 players): One person will create a group and set the number of players expected. Once created the remaining group members will join the group as team players. When registration closes Baltimore Social will merge small groups and free agents together to form a full team. 
  • Register as a Free Agent (Solo Player): Want to play but don't have anyone else willing to join? That's no problem, you are going to have a great time. Register as a free agent and Baltimore Social will place you with a small group and/or other free agents to form a full team. 

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